clean home tips for dorks

 · The vacuum+brush duster combo also works to clean all your car’s knobs and buttons.Laundry is America’s favorite cleaning task, according to the American Cleaning Institute’s (ACI) 2019 National Cleaning.7 Tips for a Clean Home – with Pets When the pet you love comes with dirt and odor you don’t, try these 7 tips. No matter whether you’re a dog person or a cat person, chances are you wouldn’t categorize yourself as a dirt-and-fur person. · Tips for a Clean Home and Healthy Cat. 1 / 13. Cleaning Up After Kitty. Your fabulous feline may think cat hair is the ultimate accessory. If you don’t agree, start by getting a good vacuum cleaner. Look for one with strong suction that has a pet hair.Making sure they are clean and ready for spring and summer weather are one great way to provide protection in the investment. · How To Keep Your Birdbath Clean. It has been keeping the algae at bay (just a little water pun), for the most part. Now, the water is not crystal clear. I wouldn’t be throwing on my bathing suit and diving into it quite yet. Because it seems the other half of my problem with the birdbath is the stuff the birds drag in. Worms. Poop. Other unidentifiable bird filth. · Grab a recently juiced lemon, a little coarse salt, and get to scrubbing. 8. Clean and deodorize smelly plastic containers. Rub a lemon over the inside of a plastic container, or rinse it with lemon juice to help remove stains and smells.Below you’ll find my cleaning routine, my cleaning schedule, and a few how-to tips! All of these combined formulate a super effective clean-home plan. With them, I’m able to tame the mess in a home occupied by 5 people and three pets. So yea, our home – can turn upside down in a heartbeat but I’m able to tame it by sticking to this plan!Perhaps you’ve developed a homemade organic cleaning solution that’s safe for people with. For instance, Danielle Fang, a.This lets the photographer work through the home without any downtime. says Stoffer. 1. Set it up right. Clean off your.